IT Consulting Services

With the big push towards Digital Transformation, more companies including SMEs require IT to be integrated into their business processes to improve their productivity and efficiency. This usually results in higher IT expenditure in almost every department.

Clients that do not have a Chief Information Officer or an IT Manager may face difficulties in crafting IT strategies or making IT decisions, especially if these decisions involve a big IT budget. For these SME business owners, they can now consider to consult IT experts to provide guidance in planning their IT infrastructure in their journey towards Digital Transformation. By outsourcing IT Consulting Services, the client may engage the IT Consultant only when necessary, without having to hire a CIO or IT Manager and increasing the company's payroll expenditure.

Pulsefusion IT Consulting Services

Clients engage Pulsefusion for IT Consulting Services before embarking on an IT project or on their Digital Transformation Journey. They may seek our professional advise on a range of subjects such as IT Solutions, selection of IT systems, IT integration into Business Processes, deployment scenarios, change management practices and IT Systems training approaches.

Why engage Pulsefusion as your Outsourced IT Consultant?

Our IT Consultant has a wide range of experiences from handling big multi-million dollar projects to small-scale IT projects for SMEs throughout his career more than 20 years in the IT industry. Pulsefusion has built an IT team that is reflective of a typical IT Department comprising of Technicians, Engineers, Managers and consultants. The client is assured of us being able to deliver turn-key IT Consultancy and IT Management projects.

How to engage us your Outsourced IT Consultant?

The easiest way to book us is through our Online Booking System. The system is fully automated where you are allowed to choose your preferred IT Consultant, the time slot and confirm the booking within minutes. Our IT Consulants will immediately receive a notification for the appointment and will attend to you during the chosen time slot.


Alternatively, you may call our IT Helpdesk Hotline +65-97900126 to book an appointment with our Customer Service Officer, or fill in our Contact Us Form with your request.