About Us

Since 2004 PULSEFUSION has been servicing many satisfied clients with quality and high value technology solutions. Our solutions have been pivotal for these companies to run their business effectively and efficiently by leveraging on suitable technologies.

As an enterprising corporate institution ourselves, we recognise the challenges facing Small and Medium Enterprises in a competitive and fast‐paced environment. By learning from our own challenges we are able to strategise better solutions for our clients. With a forward‐looking mindset and determination to maintain our position as a valuable asset to other enterprises, we conceptualise solutions that are innovative and valued highly by our clients.

To be the most valued partner to our clients.

Providing smaller enterprises access to high quality and valued technology solutions that maximises returns on their investments.

At Pulsefusion, we recognise that each client has different needs and there is no One‐Solution‐Fit‐All system. We strive to provide a total IT business solution for your company. We integrate IT solutions into your business processes whilst minimising disruption of your daily operations. These IT assets will be maintained to ensure your business continues running, with dedicated engineers providing IT support and management services.

For more information call our Hotline 97900126 or E‐Mail us at sales@pulsefusion.com.