Achieve Sustainability and Reliability With Your IT Assets 

Experience the power of sustainable and reliable IT solutions!

SustainIT is a new IT solutions programme developed by Pulsefusion and PC Dreams. Our reliability on support, software, and hardware as Premium IT Support Services can not only drive your business forward but also minimize your environmental impact. With a focus on reducing your carbon footprint and responsible sourcing, our solutions are designed to meet your business needs and, at the same time participate in sustainability on your company.

Main Package

Starter Package

Add-on Packages



Take a Part to Reduce Carbon Footprint With SustainIT!


Customers served! 0 kgCO2

Carbon Footprint of Brand New Laptop 

Save Only

Customers served! 0 kgCO2

Carbon footprint of Refurbished Laptop 

Starter Package

Gain These Benefits

2nd Life Laptop Leasing

IT Asset Renewal Management

Premium Warranty


Key Features

  • End-user device (Refurbished Grade A Laptop)
  • Upgrade to a newer laptop every year
  • Next business day replacement
  • Active Prevention and Protection pre-empts any potential issues problems on Windows

ONLY $49/Month

*One-Time Setup Fee :

Remote Support $80

or Onsite Support $20

Reliability Package

ONLY $69/Month

Gain These Benefits

Unlimited Remote IT Support 

IT Security

Key Features

  • Always available IT Support (IT Helpdesk Call Centre 09.00am - 06.00pm)
  • Secure Credentials Manager to allow secure transmission and sharing of credentials
  • Ransomware and malware protection (Best of class Cybersecurity Endpoint Protection installed for every end-user device)
  • 1-1 onsite replacement

Productivity Package

Gain These Benefits

Microsoft 365 Desktop and Cloud Apps Included (Word, Excel, Outlook, Power Point, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams)

Google Workspace Business Essentials Starter provides best cloud online Apps for collaboration

Key Features

  • Emphasizes cloud-based collaboration and real-time editing
  • Integrated Communication Tools

ONLY $15/Month

Upgrade for Better Experience

Saver Package For Your Business Needs

Starter Package + Productivity Package

$64 $49/month

9.2% savings!

Starter Package + Reliability Package (Get Free Productivity Package)

$133 $118/month 

11.28% savings!

Terms and Condition:

  • Minimum leasing period is 12 months
  • Payment schedule is by per 6-month, at the start of each quarter
  • Prices shown excludes GST