Onsite IT Support

One of the basic services in IT Outsourcing is Onsite IT Support. As opposed to outsourcing Finance or HR functions where most of the work is done at the back-end, IT Onsite Support Services involves sending an IT Engineer to a client’s office and serving the client’s staff directly. The expectations of a good IT Support service includes the IT Engineer being technically sound in solving the issues faced by the staff and, arguably more critical, have good customer service skills to please the staff at the end of the job.

Why outsource your IT Support?

More companies in Singapore are now outsourcing their corporate and non-core services to allow them to focus on their core business. Business Process Outsourcing also provides better economies of scale for both the client and the service provider. After Finance and HR, IT is one of the more common departments being outsourced to IT Service Providers.


Selecting a good IT Support Company

Most companies who do outsource IT departments out to an IT Support Company rely heavily on the service provider to support the entire IT Infrastructure. Thus, the IT Support Company needs to be competent across a wide range of IT Hardware, IT Software and IT Systems. Hence, it is critical that the client selects an IT Service Provider that has Technicians, IT Engineers and IT Consultants trained in the different aspects of IT fields and skillsets. A bigger team within the IT Support Company usually reflects a wider scope of technical abilities.


Why choose Pulsefusion as your IT Support Company?

Pulsefusion has been supporting SMEs in Singapore and the region since 2006. We have been growing from strength to strength, and keeping up with the needs of our clients as technologies advance from basic servers to Cloud Computing and Cloud Services. We now are strengthening our client service experience through client portals including an Online Booking System where clients can directly and immediately book an appointment at their convenient time and location.


We understand the needs of a small business owner, where outsourcing a business process such as IT means having someone to fully manage the ‘outsourced department’ and recommending directions and strategies, just like a Department Director or Manager. The owner does not need to worry about the technicalities and operations. We will get IT right for our clients.


How to book an Onsite IT Support appointment with us?

The easiest way to book us is through our Online Booking System. The system is fully automated where you are allowed to choose your preferred IT Engineer, Senior IT Engineer or IT Consultant, the time slot and confirm the booking within minutes. Our engineers will immediately receive a notification for the appointment and will attend to you during the chosen time slot.


Alternatively, you may call our IT Helpdesk Hotline +65-97900126 to book an appointment with our Customer Service Officer, or fill in our Contact Us Form with your request.