IT Support Packages

IT Support packages provide better value to clients for our Onsite IT Support and Remote IT Support services. We provide 2 main types of packages for clients - prepaid hourly packages and monthly IT Support packages.

Prepaid Hourly IT Support Packages

The 10-onsite-hour and 30-onsite-hour prepaid packages give clients the flexibility to consume the prepaid hours at their convenience within a 6-month period. Clients can also request for Remote IT Support within these packages for faster response. Remote IT Support is offered at 0.5x of Onsite Hours, providing better value to clients.


Monthly IT Support Packages

Clients that require our IT Support Services of at least 8 hours per week are offered our monthly post-paid IT Support Packages. We will work with clients on fixed weekly schedules to be at the client's office, effectively being their outsourced IT department.


Why Purchase Pulsefusion IT Support Packages?

Pulsefusion IT Support Packages provides clients with a longer term engagement with us. As we know our client better through consistent interactions, we are able to provide better value to the client with a longer term strategy for IT asset management and maintenance. We provide added value to our monthly post-paid clients with advise on strategic IT initiatives such maximise use current IT assets or improve productivity through digital transformation.


How to purchase Pulsefusion IT Support Packages?

You can easily purchase our pre-paid 10-Onsite-Hour IT Support Package and 30-Onsite-Hour IT Support Package on our Online Booking System. You will be given a Booking Coupon Code upon purchase. You can utilise your pre-paid hours by entering in this Coupon Code when making a booking on our Online Booking System.

Alternatively, you may call our IT Helpdesk Hotline +65-97900126 to book an appointment with our Customer Service Officer, or fill in our Contact Us Form with your request.